Background & Business Context

Part of the JK Organisation, JK Tyre & Industries Ltd is a leading tyre manufacturer in India and amongst the top 25 manufacturers in the world with a wide range of products catering to diverse business segments in the automobile industry. JK Tyre has global presence in 100 countries across six continents, backed by production support from 12 plants - 9 in India and 3 in Mexico.

HASETRI is the R&D unit of JK Tyres involved in various kinds of tyre testing in eight different labs. Svvatech won a very prestigious project for complete automation of their testing facilities. Svvatech was selected for its understanding of the testing process, business domain and innovation in its solution approach.

The entire process from receiving the samples from clients, allocate tests based on the requirements, track those tests, generate reports once the test got completed, invoicing, etc. were all maintained manually using registers. These were unacceptable as the rest of JK Tyre had well powered their operations adopting cutting edge technologies and their most critical R&D unit was lagging behind. Testing processes and reports insight weren’t transparent and this often lead to customer dissatisfaction and at times heavy claims settlement.


We provided them with a Lab Management System(LMS)

  • Centralized data repository to maintain labs, test types for each lab ,staff and their roles and responsibilities etc.
  • Customer Management
  • Workflow management starting from receiving of samples, allocation of samples to specific labs, selection of required tests.
  • Cost estimation
  • Adhoc reports based on the tests generated on the fly.
  • Automated billing, invoicing & client alerts and notifications.
  • Credit checks & enforcement, bills receivables & payments management with instant controls.