Background & Business Context

Visionary Optics are leaders in scleral lens and known for their product innovation and superior lens technology.

However, they were using a legacy system to conduct their business that was largely manual & in-store in nature that limited their expansion and crippled growth. The new business model demanded a complete web presence for marketing, sales, customer acquisition & after sales.

The VO Management resolved to undertake a massive Digital Transformation initiative and needed a platform that was truly web based allowing them to access a larger customer base globally and acquire & serve customers seamlessly.

The challenge was to replace their existing form based MS access system and convert them to a web based ecommerce platform. The existing system was a complex system with several modules updated manually and the usage & manageability was very cumbersome besides no provision for secure remote access.


After careful study of their current and future processes, we provided them a web based platform with below capabilities:

  • Complete end to end automation
  • Extended functionalities to support web based order acquisition, status tracking
  • Intuitive UI for ease of use by end customers and number of self-service features
  • Strong backend functionalities for order processing, shipment, warranty & returns management
  • Roles based secure access controls, multi-level approvals, self-helping online manuals
  • Integrations included Payment Gateway & Payments Reconciliation and Quick Books for accounting