skip to Main Content Buy Soma In Europe Ecars Challenge: Ecars having over 2000 B2B clients were using a third party software with limited features for maintaining bookings, clients, vehicles, drivers, packages etc.. Invoicing, Billing and payment reconciliation were hard to manage and to keep track of outstandings was really hectic.

Solution: We provided them with web and mobile based on following features:

  • Centralized data repository to maintain vehicles, drivers, vendors, internal staff etc.
  • Mobile apps for the users to book the cabs pan India.
  • Mobile apps for the drivers to accept the trips, start and complete the trip.
  • Customized packages to individual vendors and cab owners cum drivers
  • Reconciliation of payments related to single / multiple trips
  • Generation of invoice automatically notifications for the clients to pay the bills. Tommy Run

Buy Watson Soma Online Challenge: Need for a service that made getting building supplies to a job site easier rather than fighting traffic and physically shopping to get supplies

Soma 350 Mg Narcotic Solution: Tommy Run service was built to solve the frustrations that project managers, contractors, subcontractors, and all builders are faced with when they’re sending skilled labor to run errands.

  • TommyRun app has the building materials you need from the suppliers.
  • Building Materials Delivered within hours
  • Search through thousands of materials in-app or send us to pick up an order you already placed.

Carisoprodol 350 Mg Tablet JK Tyre Challenge: HASETRI is R&D unit of JK Tyres involved in various kinds of tyre testing in eigth different labs. Receiving the samples from clients, allocate the tests based on the requirements, track those tests, generate reports once the test gets completes, invoicing, etc. were maintained manually using registers. Solution: We provided a Lab Management System (LMS) with all the labs integrated with their staffs classified on their roles and responsibilities. Workflow management starting from receiving of samples from customers to selection of tests required, notifying respective labs on tests, cost determination, approve / disapproval of tests, generating Adhoc reports on the fly, invoicing the clients were integrated in the LMS. IILD

Overnight Soma Challenge: IILD is a training institute sponsored by government of Singapore to train their citizens on key skills. Registration of trainees, staff, trainers, sales and marketing people were managed manually using excel sheets. Payments tracking was totally hectic as course completion details has to submitted to the governments agencies to get the funds released. Also scheduling of classes in different venues, track trainee attendance, replacement of trainers in case of absence were manually maintained. Solution: We provided IILD with a back office system, where

  • Management can create new courses, can schedule the classes for their courses.
  • Manage trainers and allocation of classes.
  • Manage marketing companies and their team from whom they source the trainees.
  • Register and manage trainees by allocating them to classes
  • Generate reports and keep track of payments and reconciliations.

Visionary Optics

Challenge: Visionary optics is a contact lens manufacturer in US. The challenge was to revamp their existing system, a form based MS access system and convert them to a web based ecommerce platform. The existing system is a complex system which has lot of modules updated manually and VO had a tough time to handle the system

Solution: We provided them with a web based platform which can:

  • Manage practices and their staffs with different logins based on roles and responsibility.
  • Manage doctors and their multiple accounts with different practices.
  • Online Lens order for both Left and Right eyes with customized options.
  • Payment Gateway & reconciliation of payments by integrating with QuickBooks
  • Tracking lens order status in various departments.
  • Integrate FedEx and UPS APIs for shipping services

Copernicus Copernicus is a product suite from Business Performance labs USA for pharmaceutical industries built on AI technologies. Consisting of 4 different modules, COPERNIcuS uses advanced analytics and AI to create effective study plans, manage trial budgets and forecasts, identify top performing investigators and sites, and monitors the activities of 8 different study KPI’s (key performance indicators), providing the ability to predict the outcome of any suggested interventions.

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